Lion’s Head, Bear Mountain and the Mass border! 58 Days. 564.7 miles.

Just a few photos. Will write later…

Later is NOW.

This is Warren and Kimberly. A father daughter annual 4 day hike. Warren a HS Physics teacher and Kimberly a pharmacist. I think she is finished school and working. The point is… the are good people. As usual, hiker love takes over in almost every human and critter interaction. It is truly a different world on the AT.

They stayed in the Riga Shelter along with “Czech Mix.” More on him later.

Sandy and Piper! Sandy was so sweet! She looked and had the demeanor of Jane Goodall! A day Hiker for many years and s world traveler, we shared stories for at least 30 minutes. Piper, a rescue never complained. She was happy to chew on a stick and rest.

We chatted about ticks as well, both being Lyme disease survivors, and I mean survivors. We are out doing what we love, others are not so lucky.

Vance and Cary! A lovely. Oriole out for a morning stroll. We pased twice. They were on a loop. On our second encounter, I asked them why the trails were groomed so differently where we were. Vance launched beautifully into some local history about the town and that particular parcel of land.

Basically, it was an attempt at making the town, Falls Village, an industrial complex. The canals they built in the a

Just a few of the wonderful people I’ve met so far!

Eaten and Kimberly ready for Bear Mountain!

Barb and I forget his name:(. Sorry! A lovely local couple who we spent some time with on top of Bear Mountain. I can’t remember what we chatted about at all! I just know it was fun and interesting. I think my mind was on the tricky decent ahead!

That’s “Czech Mix!” He was a thru hike who had started in February at Springer Mtn. He had already done the PCT and the CDT. Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails. Finishing the AT, will mean he has done the Triple Crown Of American hiking. Amazing!

His secret, BEER! (He says:))

That’s me at the summit of Bear Mountain, the highest point in the AT in CT.

The 3 Amigos! Having celebration lunch!

Once again, a HUGE thanks to my friend Sherpa!!! Not only do he help me keep my car at the finish, he AGAIN carried my pack for the first half of Day 1!!!!!

Thank you!

What a strange great trip it’s been.

It just gets more and more rewarding. What a gift to be able to walk the trail.

Life is short. Finish your trail!

“All In”


2 thoughts on “Lion’s Head, Bear Mountain and the Mass border! 58 Days. 564.7 miles.

  1. All in. Thanks for posting these pictures. The picture of sunrise at Riga is stunning and captures the moment well. Kimberly and I enjoyed meeting you and hope you continue to enjoy section hiking and meeting people. All your pictures are great. Walk well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Warren!!! Thank you so very much! That sunrise was one in a lifetime for me. I also really enjoyed meeting you both. I got home Monday and got Shingles! I thought my pack was hurting my back. No, I didn’t get the vaccine. Bad move. I got the medication immediately. Maybe I can get back out there soon. All the Best! Doug Oh! Enjoy you’re up coming freedom!


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