Today in the rain.

I was so down on Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn’t know what to do with myself!!! Returning from the trail just seems to get harder and harder as I spend more time out there. It used to be that I was eager to get back to my bed and a hot shower. Now, not so much.

I stayed at Big Meadows Campground on my way home, got my hot shower, and did laundry. I could easily have just gone back out for another week if I didn’t miss Yolande so much. But, my life out there is becoming more and more the way I want my life to be.

On my drive back to PA, I stopped at Port Clinton. I was hungry, so I drove into town. There was no place in that dismal village to eat, but I saw some thru hikers at the Post Office. I pulled over and asked them, one guy and a couple from Croatia or some place, whether they needed a ride anywhere. They thanked me and said no. The guy gave me a t shirt and a strap that he didn’t want to carry anymore. Funny.

Anyway, here is the point I’ve been trying to get to!

I went up to the Water Gap today and hiked a few miles up toward Sunfish Pond on the AT in NJ going North. When I turned around to come back to my car, (It was raining like crazy with thunder!) the couple that I saw in Port Clinton on Monday were hiking right toward me!

The young woman, Hannah, said, ” I think we know you!” Ha. It was fun to chat with them again!

That trail.

Anyway. I’m at our cabin at Pecks Pond tonight. I wanted to come up and check on the place. All is the same here.

I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and set up my bed on the porch. I have to be back home early tomorrow. My mood is better, finally.

I’ve decided to just come up to a point on the trail and hike for 3 or 4 hours, 3 times a week until we leave for Cape Town on the 27th. My physical and more importantly, my mental health needs this.

I already have my November hike planned for when I return. I will start at the base of the Priest and go 100 miles south.

From now on, I do 100 mile chunks. My goal is to pass 1000 miles by the end of the year.

We’ll see.

All In

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