The 100 Mile Wilderness

So. I thought, that the 100 mile wilderness was located just as you enter Maine, going North on the AT.

Today I found out different!

It is actually located just before you enter Baxter State Park, the park where you Summit Mt. Katahdin.

I’ve talked my thru hiker friend Sleeping Beauty into hiking that section with me. Landi wants me to have a guide and SB will fit that request! I told her that when I’m ready to finish the trail, I will send her a plane ticket.

When I finally reach the end, whenever that may be, I’m pretty sure my heart will explode. I get really excited over an ice cream cone. Just imagine what the completion of a giant life goal like this will do to me.

Short entry. I’ve been having trouble uploading photos so I up graded my account. I was running out of storage. So I’m cleaning up some old drafts…

All In

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