Assault on Allentown Shelter!

These are some of my bestest friends.

Amanda, Jim, John, me, and Mike.

Mike and John, on both sides of me, are very experienced woodsmen. Mike was actually a Boy Scout Leader! Master fire builder, he is! Even with wet wood!

Mike and John parked at Rt 309 and hiked the 4, easy and flat miles, to the Allentown Shelter. They had to make a later start.

Jim, Amanda, and I came the 7 miles from the other direction. We climbed from the Eckville Shelter to Dan’s Pulpit, then another 4 and a half, ROCKY miles across the ridge to the Shelter.

Amanda has done a lot of time hiking and backpacking. She lived in Sedona before moving here to Lansdale. Silly her, right?

Lucky for us it was though! She’s great!

There they both are. I hope Jim had a good time. I’m not sure yet, actually. It was quite hot and relentless rock hiking. It can get old quickly for some. I knew Jim was fit and tough enough, but the heat, bugs, and rocks work on your head. I hope we’re still friends!!!:)

I love the AT, as you all know already, so whatever pain she throws me, I answer her with effort and patience. It takes love to respond that way. Just like having a child who is occasionally misbehaving. You accept the situation and deal with it in the best way you can, with love always sitting in the back of your mind. You would never desert a child. Same for me with the Trail.

That pile back there is one of the tougher sections. Pretty cool.

Here’s us at Dan’s Pulpit!

And us with our friend Leslie on the on the phone!!!


Then.. Balanced Rocks!!! Look!

It moves!!!

I’ve walked past this spot 4 times before. Never stopped. This time I went up the rocks…

Looked down. Someone had written “Lift” just where my feet are. I thought, “Sure.” I’m not falling for that, but I lifted. It moved! Couldn’t believe it! Those huge rocks were balanced there!!! Cool!

We hiked on to the Shelter. Jim and I went down to the spring…

Jim cooled off next to “Far Far.” Another Section Hiker who stayed with us that night. Nice guy. He had done about 3/4 of the Trail. His grandson calls him “Far Far,” because he walks so far!

He and I had a good laugh over the fact that we both turned down an opportunity to go to Woodstock. Yesterday was the 49th anniversary of that event.

I’m still bummed.

After a bit, John and Mike showed up and we all gathered wood for Mike’s fire.

We cooked dinner. Listening to some music.

It was a great time.

We set up tents. Slept to the racket of the Katydids! They were loud!!!

Got up. Had breakfast. Hiked out the 4 miles to the car.

I don’t know why I stopped taking photos!!! Maybe someone else had the tents. I’ll ask around.

I really had fun. I’m usually alone out there. Having my good friends along was really great.

We are planning to do it all again when I get back from Cape Town.

I can’t wait!!!

All In

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