Cederberg Getaway!

October 2018

This…is the cottage I’ve rented for the next two nights. Boskloof Swemgat #3. Outside AND inside braai. I had some lamb chops inside tonight for dinner!

Yes. I am a meat eater. I try not to think about it!!!

I’m going up this mountain tomorrow morning,

If it’s not raining! It has really been wet. I’m going to assume that I will get wet. I have a bad rain poncho that Yolande bought at the Pep Store for s dollar. You can imagine how much help that will give me. Not her fault. I’m unprepared. Cheap actually. Can’t spend any more $.

The cottage is no a lovely river.

There is an endangered Redfin Trout that ONLY lives in this river.

It’s catch and release here, as you can imagine. Wish I had a rod. Would like to see one, but it would worry me to even hook one. Glad I don’t have a rod.

It was a beautiful 3 hour drive from Cape Town to here.

The last 10Ks on this dirt road back to the farm.

Headed out to find phone reception so I could check in with Landi…

Nice sunset. Cool when the headlights highlight the color!

It’s early and raining. Not sure I’ll leave the bed yet!

Wiring plan not executed so well here. Gets the job done…

Like the Ritz compared to an AT Shelter!!!

Day 2… out the front door and … Resident Zebra!!!

Then up the mountain I went.

Yes. There was s cave entrance there. I didn’t go in; didn’t want to disturb the Bushman Spirits. Actually caves spook me.

See. Spooky.

Nice view from up there!!

The rain started before I could reach the top. I didn’t want to descend by myself in those conditions, so I went down. I’ll come back another time.

I ate lunch and took a nap. Then I took off foe the road.

Guess I won’t be going on. It wasn’t deep yet.

Old family cemetery.

Beautiful old house. Sad.

Lots of beauty. And…

Baboons!!! Ha.

So much beauty. And different.

Bushman cave???

I walked about 3 miles or so and turned around. Coming back, I found the other residents. Ponies!

All In

7 thoughts on “Cederberg Getaway!

    1. Yes.:( I wrote that Cederburg thing a while before my gun incident. It was sitting in my drafts. Thar was a 3 day solo getaway helping me keep my sanity. Staying in my father in laws house, not a home, just sucks. He us old, racist, homophobic, anal, forgetful, cheap, and just an ugly old self centered ass. I do my best to be above it all but it wears me down. I’m too old for his shit. Anyway. This is the last time I ever stay with him. He asked us to this time. He’s gsttomh afraid to be alone and can’t admit it. Man, that was some character assassination, hey??? Hope ur well Lindy. I really appreciate your friendship. We fly out Tuesday…


  1. I’m lost for words so wonderful to see your pics Doug. I don’t like ( those dark) caves either. Remember walking along canal in Point Pleasant and looking into a cave all I could see was two ” bright eyes ” looking back at me and could tell the creature was big eyes were far apart as in big head. I quietly walked away. Hope you make the mountain climb. Thanks and trail on. LOVE ya bro.


  2. Thank you for the travelogue. Question of the day, the zebra. I thought they traveled in herds… or are they more like deer?
    I am an ignorant American whose only knowledge of Africa is from movies made by Americans 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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