Still Sorting

If you’ve read my “It’s Not Like TV,” you know the story. I still am not sure if I am ok.

I have this division on my life now. I live in a world divided between the OK and the NOT OK place. The not ok life is anxious. Fearful. Angry. Sad. The OK world is happy. Self-assured. Pretty serene.

I even ride the line for periods of time. That may be the best of times. There is a flow. A recovery. A healing. Independence.

I am positive on one side and Negative on the other.

For long periods in the past, I have spent time on the “OK” side. I am hoping that comes back to me. I want to let go of this dress that is following me around now. I can’t quite shake it. I feel safe here, but the memory of that incident is somehow clearers from a distance.

I hope that is a good thing.

Going back to Cape Town in January will be different from any return there, that I have had in the past.

It won’t be “what might happen.” It will be “what did happen.”

All In

3 thoughts on “Still Sorting

  1. Welcome back. Glad you’re out on the trail. Now you can get back and grounded to who you are . Hope to catch up with you in Dec at latest to celebrate our “Sagittarius B-days ” together. Love ya Man. Cazzie

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  2. I would say that this incident could be viewed on the positive side. It sucks that this stuff happens every day, but you came out on top due to your quick thinking and action and THAT is a huge win!!

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