I Believe In Love

My friend Ronnie from South Africa posted this yesterday. A present from his Gran, 25 years ago. Just lovely, right? Just what I needed.


That is the web address where you can find a talk I did on how to love at my cousins’ wedding.

Sorry, I think you will have to copy and paste.

I wrote this before I went to South Africa the last time. The time that will always be remembered, by the wedding speech, and sadly, by the gun incident.

If you have read my love thing, you may see what frame of mind I was in when I arrived in Cape Town. I almost said Africa. I have never considered Cape Town to be the same as the rest of Africa. Like it didn’t belong there with the animals, the poverty, and the crime.

That is how I see all of Africa now. Animals, poverty, and crime. It is so sad.

I used to feel special because I traveled to such an exotic place. It used to be exciting. Over the years, that slowly changed. Now it just is another place in this world that is getting worse.

I wanted to feel it was getting better. It looked like it was getting better. It is not getting better. My wife is right. It is getting worse.

I love my family there. I don’t know how they do it. Is it denial? Is it acceptance? Maybe just a little of both. Their whole life is there. It would take something really big to make them move. I would probably be the same.

So many parents and young people want to move away; to Europe or America. We Americans don’t realize it anymore, but America is still the land of opportunity. If you want to work hard, you will find a job. Then, the sky is the limit. That is not to say it will be easy, but it will be better than what so many people have in South Africa.

The South Africans say that it is dangerous there, too, in America. All the school violence.

95% of the schools in America are safe. America is not what you see in the news or on TV.

Everyday, I thank God that I was born here; to a good family in a lovely small town. There is no razor wire. There are no electric fences. There are very few alarm systems. There is no armed response. Our police are trained and paid well. They respond. The make us feel safe, in most of America. Again, not in the America of the news.

Don’t get me wrong, America is getting worse, too, and it will be bad someday, I think. Just like Africa. A country of haves and the have nots is forming. It will be a very long time though, until razor wire. Especially where I grew up.

And now. I am finished analyzing this most difficult of times for me. The thinking is paralyzing me. Enough.

I almost forgot. I believe in love. Love conquers all. Love fixes EVERYTHING.

I will continue to pray for my gunman. I will pray that his life turns into one where he doesn’t feel the need to do what he did.

I am moving on. Not forgetting. Continuing to get help for my recovery. I think that is a good word. Recovery.

The recovery of my old positive self. Yes, moving through. Moving on. This too shall pass.

Believing in Love. At least trying my best.

All In

5 thoughts on “I Believe In Love

  1. The Serenity Prayer has always been one of my favorites. I had a tile w/that painted on it hanging over our kitchen sink at our old house until it fell & broke! I have actually broken two of them – do you think that’s an omen?

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  2. Very sad to hear about South Africa. And America getting bad too. All I can do is keep the dream alive. Act unto others as you would have them act unto you. I try. See soon I hope.

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