Back to Cape Town

* I wrote this mostly finished draft, a short time before our return to Cape Town. Things are different now.


Well, my hiking on the AT is on pause. We are off to CT tomorrow for 2 months. Our friend Sleeping Beauty is supplying our lift to a downtown Philadelphia hotel for tonight. Uber to the airport in the morning. We always do our trips this way – it eliminates that day of travel stress we both dislike. The trip starts a day early!

SB is going to keep my car happy while I’m gone. She (my car) needs a few trips to the shore to keep herself running at 100%. We both function best that way.

I think some of us are really drawn to water. Me, I am definitely that way. Always have been. Part of that I attribute to Aunt Kit. My Godmother took me to the shore every summer when I was young. I am so grateful for those summers. I am a surfer because of her.

Long Beach Island

Everyday, I think of surfing at least once. It may be a t-shirt, or the pair of Vans I am wearing. Maybe the paddle board I take to the local waterways. Maybe it’s the live cameras I watch of the different places on the East Coast where I have surfed. Maybe it’s just the way I am. It is truly in my blood.

I used to think it was immaturity. I was sure that a grown up should not still be wearing Vans.

Well, guess I will never be a grown up. I will be buried in Vans, some flowered Baggies, and a blue jean shirt. Huh. Never thought if that before. That sounds right.

The shirt will be denim, but it will have a 5 inch stripe around the middle at chest height. Orange with big yellow polka dots! Like the one I had and wore until it rotted away in 1966. I bought it at “The Summer Place” on Long Beach Island.

I loved that shirt. I’m going to make another one. I have the right denim shirt. Now to find the right material for the band…

Anyway. Off to Cape Town today.

I will be surfing in Muizenburg before a week goes by.

I remember saying to myself that I will try and surf until I am 60. Now I pretty much know that I will surf at 70.

Surf at 70. Now there is a goal.

Finish the Appalachian Trail before I die and surf until I’m 70.

It’s decided.

All In

3 thoughts on “Back to Cape Town

  1. Great piece, Doug. Love the description of your shirt and the band around it and that the band has polka dots on. Best is you’re going to make another one – be sure to post a pic. We share the love for water and everything surf. (I am, unfortunately, a Converse guy:)) Your friend in Cape Town – Hans Mackenzie Main


    1. Miss you my friend. Feeling grateful for your friendship. See u soon. I’m flying back on New Year’s Day. I want you to come see our house before it is sold! We’ll make a plan… Regards to Olivia


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