On Becoming a New Person.

I just read my last post. Wow.

Living in another dimension. Another dimension.

I don’t feel that way at all now. I am living exactly in the same dimension I was living in a month ago.

I am having a whole bunch of health issues in this dimension. Pain. Headaches, Sciatic Nerve, Hip Arthritis. I can deal with pain. I’ve been dealing with pain for years. Not a problem.

This, is a problem. Hypertension. Yes, I have high blood pressure. How? I lost 40pounds. I can hike 10 miles a day with a 30 pound pack, no problem.

I’m thinking two things.

1. My exercise has not been regular. I have been taking time off between hikes. I have only been concerned with keeping the weight off.

2. Nutrition System. Too much sodium?

I’m checking right now.

Nope. I’m going with the regular exercise. I think I have know this all along. I’m going to do STAIRS.

Stairs is a good idea.

I will start tomorrow. No. Tonight.

Ohhhhhh. Why the Eagles-Dallas photo? I’m heading to Boise on Saturday to spend my birthday with Marta, and watch the game!

Then take a drive to see Christmas lights and the display at Marta’s work, Scentsy!


All In

4 thoughts on “On Becoming a New Person.

  1. | |   | | Doug, you may want to look into CBD oil. I’ve been using it for two months and it’s made a big difference. I used to take a ton of Tylenol, which causes liver damage and don’t anymore. It also lowers my blood pressure. If you have any questions, just ask me. Merry Christmas!! Love, Lindy


  2. Fruit. I make a smoothie for breakfast. An apple,banana and carrots. Hook up with nutritionist . Have a wonderful holiday Doug. Hey try yogga for that hypertension.


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