Christmas on Mt. Tammany

Christmas. Is there a better time to climb closer to the heavens or Heaven, and just enjoy the day? I think not.

My children are all grown. Far away as well. My wife and I celebrate Christmas like the Germans, on Christmas Eve. I cooked my traditional meal; beef tenderloin and fresh asparagus. We skipped dessert this year, because we had already had ice cream earlier in the day.

The steaks were perfect! That was pure luck. I am not a good cook, I just get lucky sometimes.

Anyway, so today I went to my usual morning meeting and chaired.

Directly in front of me, in the first row, was a 50 or so year old gentleman, and his parents. They looked to be in their 80s.

I opened the meeting and the members did the readings. Then it was my turn for a topic.

I said the topic today will be ALCOHOL! I read something I found on the desk; a list of alcoholic ironies.

“We drank for fun and we got pain.” “We drank to be articulate, and we slurred our words.” “We drank to get courage and we became afraid.” “We drank to find friendship and we ended up in isolation.” And so on…

It set a pretty serious tone for Christmas, but alcoholism is serious business.

Then the 3 in the front row caught my eye. They were visiting from Vermont. I talked about how wonderful it was to see a son and his supportive parents in the meeting. The son began to cry. I began to cry.

He shared and said that they had been coming to meetings and supporting him for over 40 years! The whole room began to cry. People shared about their parents. About their sons. About the joy they have in their lives as a direct result of AA and their sobriety.

It was wonderful. AA is such a beautiful fellowship. I am so grateful to have my sobriety, my children back, and the wonderful life I have today. So grateful. Thank you AA. Thank you my AA friends. Thank you God.

Oh yeah. Here are some more Mt Tammany pictures! Mt Tammany, is the mountain you see on the New Jersey side of the Delaware Water Gap, as you drive through on Rt 80.

The AT also heads up that way, but not up the steep section of the mountain. The “Tammany Trail” goes up steeply to the top, and then another connector trail loops down the backside and ends at the AT, about a half mile north of the parking lot, where I left my car.

Here are some photos I took today. It was a great day. How could it not be? I was texting my friends all during the hike and my big brother, John called. I spoke to him and his wife Robin for about 15 minutes as I came down the mountain. Nice.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

All In

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