2 steps back

You know the saying, right?

The thing is, I’m not even getting the one step forward these days.  Setback after setback.

That’s me up there. I just got home from the hospital. I went in for an outpatient procedure; green light laser surgery. I came home, got through the night, and went into my urologist’s office to get my catheter taken out.

Ok catheter out. I go home. I begin to get nauseous. I begin throwing up. Can’t keep anything in my stomach. I’m supposed to be drinking lots of fluids.

By morning, I’m in pain and still nauseous! My doc says to go the the ER. I check in. Fever. Abdominal pain. Dehydrated. Renal failure.


They IV antibiotic and fluid me. By the next day my kidneys are ok. Thank heaven! Fever down. Cultures sent off to check for infection. Catheter back in.

Turns out that the pain was my distended bladder. It wasn’t able to empty. Not sure why. They took a liter of urine out of me.

Everything was getting better. The next morning, the kidney specialist and my ER doctor are both looking relieved that I have recovered so quickly.

Then it happens.

The urologist on call, who I have never seen before, informs me that I have a “chronically distended bladder and ureters.” And get this, he says that I will most likely have to use a catheter the rest of my life! There are lots of options he says. WTF

I had never even heard the word distended before!

Long story short, I have a new urologist who assured me that even with the worst case scenario, intermittent catheterization, I will be able to do everything I am currently doing in my life.

Whew. For me to not be active is like a death sentence!


Catheter comes out. By me! Cool.

Up to urologist for lessons on intermittent catheterization.

Bladder emptying well!

Catheter just before bed just to be safe.

Back to doc. Bladder working! No catheters at all!



Back in hospital.

Urinary Tract Infection!

Can you believe it???

It’s morning now. Feeling better, but don’t trust it yet. Last night was CRAZY. I was shaking like I had the DTs!!! Vomiting. Sorry. Too graphic I suppose. Anyway. Feeling better. Good thing I came.

Over and out.

All In

6 thoughts on “2 steps back

  1. WTF Man I can’t imagine the frustration ur going through. I hate to be down like can’t get up and do what ever. Well hang in be strong and ur in my thoughts. You will beat all this.

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  2. Getting old sucks. Always get a third opinion. Your own, with research. I see way too many times where doctors work within their box. Mostly for financial and/or liability reasons. There is no better education than learning from those that have been there/ done that and have learned to manage what’s happening to you. Google is great. Good luck and stay stay active.

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