Jennie, Sharkey, and Megaphone!

As for Jennie, she is my eldest daughter of 2. This was her very first time backpacking. Backpacking an up and down section of the Appalachian Trail mind you! More about that later…

As for Sharkey and Megaphone, isn’t it just great when you meet people who are comfortable in their own skin and make you feel comfortable instantly? That’s Sharkey and Megaphone!

Sharkey has already thruhiked the Trail THREE TIMES and Megaphone has Section hiked most of the Trail. Experienced and very competent hikers.

Look at these faces! Beautiful, happy faces. The Trail does that to you.

Sharkey, me Megaphone and Jennie!

I think the first conversation we had was about a “Faith Feather” Sharkey had found earlier that day. Megaphone brought it over to us as she recited the crazy alliteration they had composed on their way to the shelter. “Fortunately and fortuitously, we found a fabulous, faith feather… and on it went with my favorite f-word in there as well! We joined in and all of us got a little hysterical. The heat can do that to you.

Sharkey and Megaphone are both experienced health professionals. Two friends out for walk on the AT. We met up with them twice later and each time was as fun and more friendly than the last.

We exchanged contact numbers and have already been in touch with each other. Great stuff. What a lovely pair for my daughter to meet on her first AT experience. She is hooked now, and those two had a lot to do with that! Thanks you two.:)

Now back to my kid!!!!

“Streamstopper,” formerly known as Jennie, was really amazing out there! The thing is, whether she was cooling off her migraines or not, Streamstopper HAD to stop and take off her pack at EVERY STREAM WE CAME TO! 😊

It was actually good for me. I get obsessed with finishing and push too hard sometimes. Streamstopper kept me in check.

How she managed her 38 pound pack, I will never know!

38 pounds you say? How?

Well she had lots of hydrated, not dehydrated, food! And, get this, I think Megaphone got a scratch or something and Jennie said, “Do you want some Tea Tree Oil?” We all cracked up over that one.

She was so fun to have out there with me. I’m tearing up a bit right now just thinking about it.

I’m pretty sure, in our 49 years together, I have never spent that much time with either of my wonderful daughters. How cool for a dad to get that experience. I hope we can do this again.

I suspect so.

It was also really fun getting to help her buy her gear and plan for the trip. We texted everyday!

Man. I haven’t even talked about the hiking! It was HOT and Difficult at times. Up exhausting and down painful, and it was up and down, forever it seemed.

The thing is, backpacking is like this; you “love every step you take, even when you hate it.”

I’m just going to end with photos.

Sharkey said that this was one of his best hiking trips and he has thruhiked the trail twice!!! Having Streamstopper along made it my best ever.

That’s Brother! He lives in China and is from Venezuela! He told us he was craving carrots and hummus. Jennie, of course has carrots!!! She gave them all to him. That’s how it works up here. It’s like the real world should be.

Hiker hunger!!! Jennie’s first bout!

I sure hope I get to see Sharkey and Megaphone again. I have a feeling I will!

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13 thoughts on “Jennie, Sharkey, and Megaphone!

  1. Three times actually! Working on his fourth now! We had a wonderful time meeting you guys! AND I got some GREAT Urological advice! I can’t believe you left that part out! Thanks for a great post Doug!!

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  2. Sounds like you had perfect hike with Jennie ! That’s great. And it was really nice the way the hike turned out helping another hiker too. Love you man. Take care.

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