Three Will Be The Charm

That’s me and a couple of my friends, the two Johns, out for a typical Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail hike. Rocks! Rocks and more rocks.

That was 15 days after my last hospital stay, for my SECOND UTI since the surgery. I hiked too soon.

It’s Friday. On Wednesday night, I began to feel feverish. Can you tell when you have a fever? I can. My skin and scalp get sensitive to the touch. Sure enough. 99.5.

I called my Urologist. He said to drop off a urine sample, immediately begin the antibiotics, and if my temp goes above 100.5, go to the ER. I hit 100.7, packed my bag, I’m getting good at this, and Landi drove me to the hospital.

It didn’t appear to the doctors that this infection was anywhere near as advanced as the last time, so they gave me IV antibiotics, a bag of fluid, and sent me home to continue the pills.

This was a much better stay than last time. Turns out that last one was sepsis. My body almost lost the fight with the bacteria. I waited to long before I came in. Sepsis causes organ failure and death, in the worst cases. They didn’t tell me that. I suppose they didn’t want to scare me. I’m glad they didn’t.

Anyway. If I don’t get worse today at home, it means I will get better. So far so good.

That is me and Jennie. Circa 1990 or so. She is why I have to get better! Jennie has purchased all the backpacking gear I suggested to get, and is ready for a week on the Trail!!!


So, you out there, the thousands who read my blog, ha, whatever it is that you do bring good JuJu, please will you do it? Me, I pray. I will take anything. Rubbing a rabbit’s foot. (That’s awful now) Pray to the healthy Saint. You know, like the one that helps you find stuff and stay safe on your travels. Click your heels together 3 times and say, “There’s no place like the Trail!” Lick your index finger and put it on the tip of your nose. Cross your fingers. Hold your thumbs. (That’s an SA one) Spin around three times. Clap your hands 6 times. (That, I did at the kickoff of every college football game in which I played.)

I WAS so superstitious until recently. Now I do stuff I used to do, but it is just for fun. Or OCD maybe. The number 3. It is lucky for me. Ha. Before every foul shot I took in HS, I bounced the ball 3 times. Maybe that’s just ritual. Like tennis players. They do the same routine before they serve. Every time. Makes them feel secure I think. But 3, I took to a whole new level!

I always try and park, in a numbered parking lot, in a space with a number which is a multiple of 3. I put my clothes in lockers with a number that divides by three. I have had 3 wives. Hmmm.

Every possible way I can work a 3 into whatever I am doing, I do it.

It’s a good choice 3, right? We count down and up to 3. You do that.

There I went again. Way off the subject. ADHD. The point is, I really want to be better do I can hike with Jennie.

Wait, I wasn’t off the subject. I forgot what the subject was!

Three times in hospital will be the charm!!! That’s it.

All In

2 thoughts on “Three Will Be The Charm

  1. Glad you’re on the up swing ! Speaking of 3 my lucky /favorite
    number is 33. That was Cazzie Russell’s number in college. I have two Eagles jersey with that number and many yrs later CB South grad Allen has that number but don’t think he will be playing that much. That’s really special that Jennie will be hiking on the AT with you. Ok boss thanks for update . Sending you spiritual engery.

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