The Pinnacle Loop

That’s me and my HS and hiking friend John. I can always count on him to go for a hike if he has time. Nice to have a friend like that. He likes the trail as much as I do. He’s just not obsessed with doing it all, like I am.

Truth is, I need a good obsession. It’s how I function best. Goals. Deadlines. Competition. All that stuff a person should ease up on in retirement. Not me.

Who I am is “All In.”

We decided on the 8.7 mile loop from the Hamburg Reservoir parking lot, to Pulpit Rock, the Pinnacle, and back. Just enough for me to try and keep some level of fitness in my legs.

Pulpit Rock.

Why do I do that? It actually scares me. Truth is, my father in law loves these photos. He shows them to all his friends. They make him happy. So I guess I can manage the fear.

Yup. That’s me again. This is the Pinnacle. One of the best views on the AT in PA. When I throw my arms up, I feel like a kid again. What is that about???

That’s John. Pensive hiker stare. Standard stuff.

Me. Scared, pensive hiker stare.

This is my new friend Gregory. He’s 55. (Pack personification) He was a bit on the edge that day…

Not much else to report here. I’m leaving Tuesday for an 8 day adventure with Jennie!!! Back to VA. I will pass 800 miles on this trip. Cool. 800, over one third! Now, on to 900 is the next goal or maybe just surviving another stretch, with no mishaps. 😊🙏

I will be more reasonable hiking with Jen. I have to set a good example, right?

All In

P. S. An old colleague and hiker friend, Pete, just contacted me!!! He’s just section hiking the AT, too! Another hiking buddy???More to come on that subject…

6 thoughts on “The Pinnacle Loop

  1. Your hiking friend is the perfect partner. You’re an inspiration ! Been walking, cycling for about a little over a month and doing well. And I have best playlist I’m my head. Don’t need batteries and already down loaded LOL.

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  2. Just the photo of you sitting there scares me! Plz be careful Doug. Were you ever checked for a concussion after your fall last week or the week before? Just wondering!

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