100% Fun

Ever spend 7 days with anyone and enjoy yourself the whole time? Me either.

It just happened for me.

Streamstopper, that’s Jennie my daughter, and I did a 50 mile section of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. I loved every minute. Could have kept going indefinitely. What a great hiking partner.

You may not know this, but it can be tough hiking with another person. With Jennie is was a completely compatible experience. Stop. Go. Together. Apart. Go ahead. Stay back a bit. You go, I need to pee, we’ll meet up later. No problem.

It all just flowed naturally.

Great stuff. I got to be a dad full time again. Loved it.

Cooling off your feet is essential after a 13 mile day in the mountains.

Wise Man and Caboose! You meet the most lovely people out there!


Mike and Sarah. Mike rums a 100 mile trail run every year. Runs in the woods 100 miles!!! Takes him something like 30hrs. Amazing.

Streamstopper hiking across the “Bald” Cole Mountain. It felt like a Sound of Music scene up there at 4000 feet with no trees!

The views were 360.

I just can’t seem to write a narrative this time.

It was perfect. Here are some more shots.

Mike and his dog Rhino, packing up.

Love my Shenandoah socks.

Finished with a 15 mile day! What a trooper that kid is!

Loved every minute.

All In. 798.1 miles finished.

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