Go Hens!

I spent a couple of days last weekend at Penn, rooting for my favorite team. The Women’s Tennis team from the University if Delaware.

Of course it’s because my South African friend, Kelly Anderson is their coach. She has two players out in Las Vegas right now competing in the UNLV Fall Invitational. Freshman Jojo Bach and Sophomore Caraugh Courtney!

Kelly is putting Delaware Tennis on the map!!!

Her team is loaded with young players from all over the world. South Africa. Spain. England. Ireland. Kelly has used her international connections to recruit a great group of players from overseas, as well as some of the top local talent in the Philadelphia area.

I’ve become hooked on College Women’s Tennis. It took me a year to figure out what was going on! This is Kelly’s third year at Delaware. First as an assistant and now starting her 2nd year as Head Coach.

It still pains me a little to be supporting any Delaware team. 😳 They were our arch rivals when I was at Temple. I actually wear Delaware t-shirts now.

It’s your fault Kelly.

Go Hens!

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5 thoughts on “Go Hens!

  1. I’d guess you didn’t know that you have a relative at Delaware. John’s youngest, Michael, is a Freshman engineering student there. Both Ed III and Alex are DE grads also + Edward’s older brother, Tom, is a DE grad and a former Football and Baseball standout there a “few” years ago! So there – you are visiting hallowed ground down there! Have fun!!! I was telling our next door neighbor about you and your volleyball teams the other day. She is a student at Lenape Middle School and an avid volleyball player. I think that VB is getting more popular around here now which should please you! xoxo Norma

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