Virginia Tech

I spent today at the Fall ITA Regional Championships on the campus of Virginia Tech.

This is where they were supposed to be played…

Instead it was held inside for most of the day.

Nice facility.

I did a bit of walking around the campus. Impressive football stadium.

Surrounded by a ton of athletic fields. Today, for the first time in a long time, I felt like coaching again.

I am feeling good. Healthy. Lots of energy and you know, coaching would scratch the itch I have for finishing the Appalachian Trail, AND, it would be easier! I NEVER thought anything would be tougher than being a high school football coach. Section hiking the entire 2190 miles of the AT is a beast of a goal.

I am a goal setter. I have to have a goal. Coaching was always fulfilling, because there were constant short and long term goals. Plus, all the planning. I love the planning. I never realized that about myself, until I started hiking. Planning the hike is so satisfying. Planning a football or volleyball practice is exactly the same.

I’m good at planning. Organizing. Equipping myself or a team. All that logistic stuff. Love that. I’m pretty good at anything I love to do. Like most people. Nothing special there.

Anyway. I love watching tennis. Well, Kelly’s Delaware team play tennis.

That’s Cara from Ireland and Jo Jo from England. They lost a bunch of matches today. All of them actually.

Coach Anderson is not a good loser. No good coach is a good loser, inside. They cover it up, that pain and anger is there. It comes out as harder practice.

Never quitting. That too is important. A good coach is not a quitter. A good coach hates losing. If losing is ok, go to the beach and hit those paddle ball things back and forth. No purpose there. Can’t relate. There needs to be a score.

I am getting vicarious pleasure out of watching that Delaware coach.

I miss the pressure. The excitement. The competition.

Oh no. Insanity is setting in. I should never look at a football stadium while watching Kelly coach. I must stop this right now.


I like the color of the courts at VT.

There. Back to sane thoughts. Rational thinking. Whew. That was close.

All In

(This one will make Bets laugh)

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