Virginia Tech and the AT

It was an up and down showing for the Blue Hens. I missed Friday but Saturday was a disaster and Sunday a joy.

That’s sophomore Caraugh Courtney from Ireland, in an earlier doubles match. She won her singles match Sunday easily. Played really well. Solid.

That’s freshman Jojo Bach from England. She played BIG. Better than ever. She seemed to serve with a high kick and hit everything deep in the court. Her opponent struggled the whole time. It was really fun to watch coach and player in synch. She and Kelly were really connected. I think Jojo is going to be a great player. What do I know??? Ha. Pretty much nothing about tennis!

Then I was off to the trail. As usual a great time. It was mostly just me and the woods. Not much to tell. I cut my hike short to get back and help at home. We’re moving in December to Easton and I left too much behind for Landi to do. I could tell she needed me home. I probably should have cancelled my plans totally, but me and my obsessions…

Here are some shots. I had fun with my iPhone 7s plus. My eye kept getting drawn to the environment. I love when that happens.

Happy Halloween!

Stunning colors!

Oh yeah. I forgot to take my tent poles!!!!!!!!!😡 It was drive back home or buy a tent. I could have stayed in shelters the whole time, but I need a tent in case of an emergency like an injury or inability to reach shelter. I needed to feel safe and 7 plus hours in the car back to Lansdale … nope.

I bought a North Face Mica 1, one person tent. It’s a pretty good one. I didn’t go cheap; I don’t have any ultralight, one person tents. It worked out well, but I already have it up on eBay.

If it doesn’t sell quickly, I’ll keep it. It just fits me, and my pack above my head. No extra room. It was coffin like, but pretty cool to be tucked in like that.

The leaves were beautiful, but the trail hard to follow at times.

I crashed and spread out at the end of the first day. It was only 12.5 miles, but the climbs were daunting. I hate Virginia a little. There is no flat in the section I am working on now. Ugh.

I started in the dark on my last day. I love morning’s first light, no matter the conditions. I feel connected to my HP the most at that transition from dark to light. It feels optimistic. Completely optimistic. Never thought of that before.

I came out to about 3 miles of pastures as I finished. It was just stunning Americana.

Not everyone loves us.

I exited the farmland, went back through the woods and down a hill to the road where I picked up the shuttle back to my car at the Peter’s Mountain trailhead where I started. It was only 3 nights in the woods, but time to come home.

There was an AT parking area where I finished.

I hope they found these hikers!!!

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