Back in Cape Town

Movie making. Surfing culture. Real African Art.

Sensory candy.

Yes. I’m back in Cape Town for about 3 weeks. I’m trying to enjoy myself. Last trip brought the true meaning of gun violence into my life. If you follow me, you know that I was held up at gunpoint last year. It never leaves you.

Check out an earlier entry, “It’s Not Like TV,” if you want.

Also, I’m so intent on finishing the AT… I truly think about it every day. It’s really hard to push the pause button on that kind of sweat and joy.

My AA friends here are special. Lots of love. I’ll tap into that.

I will make the best of every day. I have to. I’m turning 70 this year. Yikes.

Well, I’m at a breakfast table in the hotel dining room. Everyone is gone. I feel like I’m in a movie. Sitting here, out of it, while everyone leaves. Time to go. More to come.

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