Why Easton?

Everyone keeps asking me why we moved to Easton, PA.

Why not?

It started with the Quadrant Book Shop…and cafe. Landi fell in love instantly. Jennie introduced us to the place. Homey. Booky. Coffee. Pastry. Healthy food. It’s been a bookshop for something like 20 years, which is eternity for a business these days.

Now I finally am feeling at home. It started today. I woke up excited for the day ahead. It’s been a while since I felt that way. The move has been exhausting and unsettling. I need routine. Today was like Saturday should be. Coffee, an early AA meeting, a doughnut, and some fresh rolls for Landi.

Then. Exercise!!!

So. I went for a walk. All around the downtown. Then, up College Hill and around my grandson’s apartment. He wasn’t there. 🙁 Across the Lafayette campus, down the hill, up the hill on Spring Garden Street, then out to Northampton Street and home.

Well, almost home. I stopped in at my neighbors hot dog shop for my weekly fix. I’m becoming friends with the owner. I love supporting local business.

Here are some shots from my walk today.

The oldest weekly farm market in the country!!! Pretty cool!

A mushroom stand!!!


A way cool mural.

Crayola of course!!!

The local outfitter!!!!!!!! Everything I need is in walking distance!

Sweet Girlz Bakery!!! Cute!

Lafayette Chapel.

Easton Public Library.

The State Theater of course!

And finally, the Easton Public Market. Millennial Heaven!!! Noodle bowls. Crepes. Wine. Bakery. Coffee. Upscale stuff. Expensive, by my standards.

Me I went up the hill to the corner store and got a $.69 can of Diet Pepsi.

It’s the ’60s in me I guess. 😊

Perfect Saturday morning. Why Easton? That’s why.

All In

2 thoughts on “Why Easton?

  1. Doug glad you love your new home. Been to Easton on school bus trip to the Crayon place with elementary students. Love the market too. Its the perfect town for you and Landi. Live it up. You bro for life. Chris.(Howie on fb)

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