Me and My Bike

Just some photos from a Corona bike ride from Easton.

Canal along the Lehigh River.
Bike Park!!!
Big interesting chunk of iron!!!
Spillway on the Lehigh River

Artwork scattered along the way.
Looking East where the Lehigh meets the Delaware
Looking North up the Delaware River
Love the old bridge into Phillipsburg, NJ
Our favorite spot. The Quadrant Book and Coffee Shop
(That we haven’t been in for weeks! 🙁)
2 blocks from our home.
Last shot. Around the corner from home.

All In

4 thoughts on “Me and My Bike

  1. Great pics. Reminds me of my bike rides on Delaware River toe path when I lived in pt pleasant back in 2001/2002. Did ride from there to Easton back in 1994 or 95 before big storm that washed out path. Nice bike too. Ok stay safe

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