Paarl Rock One

Looks like an easy up. Nope!!! It’s up alright. Straight up.

I stopped at the ranger station. They were incredibly helpful and professional.

They assured me that I would be safe going up by myself. Safe from crime, that is. For the hiking, I was on my own! The ranger said it was about 800 or 900 meters up, to get to Paarl Rock. That was the easier hike. I said that I felt I could do that. Then he said, “It’s quite steep.” I told him that I had done 900 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

He was unimpressed. 🙄 So up I went!

The walk through the picnic area was really peaceful. Just what I needed.

Then the trail began. First it was a gentle climb through rocks and brush.

Then it got steep. Mostly just a steep granite face. Pretty cool. Traversing was a bit difficult. A slide down would be a long one. My Brooks runners held really well on the rock.

I had to stop numerous times to catch my breath. 900 meters up at that incline was just the workout I needed. Felt really good. I have been active but not hiking active. Moving active. Not the same. It was so good to be away from people and civilization. Back to just covering ground and thinking about only water. Not bills. Not schedules. Not people. Just walking. Walking up.

Almost up…

A pretty great view up and down the Paarl Valley.

Next up: Paarl Rock 2 or Brighton Rock?

****** No next up. The virus hit. All ____ broke loose! Plans changed. Flights cancelled. We’re home, to our new home in Easton, PA.