Why Not?

Monday morning i was doubled over in pain and nausea. My digestive system had decided on revenge. I think it was the curry. A new recipe.

It started as heartburn. Then stomach burn. Then gut rumble then, the worst nausea/pain I had ever experienced in my nearly 70 years. There was no choice but to go to the ER. The Corona overloaded ER. Yikes!

Wrong. The empty ER. They must be bringing in Covid 19 patients in another entrance to the St Luke’s Anderson Campus. I was all by myself.

X-Ray. Then after the sighting of a suspicious kink in my small bowel, an MRI.

Inconclusive. Call the surgeon in.

Meanwhile, the pain and nauseas had left me as I got out of the car outside the ER. Gone. I was feeling beaten up a bit, but ok.

Knife’s Edge

So they keep me under observation until Tuesday. Full liquid diet. Gelatin. Juice. Coffee. Repeat fir 2 meals.

Two PAs and the head surgeon all decide I’m ok.

Let’s try some almost food for Lunch. Yogurt. White toast. Orange sherbet. My bowel sorts it’s kink out on it’s own. Thank you God, I’m back to my normal abnormal diet.

So, why not go for a hike? Is that how regular people react to hospitalization? Probably not, but I’m not regular.

I load up my pack and decide to drive to Massachusetts to hike a 30 mike section of the Trail.

Let’s go! Let’s not go.

New York and Massachusetts are still locked down. What was I thinking? If I park and hike in Mass I will have to self quarantine again for 14 days. If my car breaks down in NY, I will have to self quarantine for 14 days.

If I get hurt in the Trail, I’ll expect an overloaded to come and take care of ME. How’s that for a selfish plan.

I’m a knucklehead. Just ask Gates and Gail.

Plan B is in effect. I hiked 7 miles today on the AT in PA, and now I’m camped at outside our cabin at Pecks Pond.

Fake backpacking. Why not?

I’m wearing myself out and camping for the next 3 days.

Like I said, why not?

I still feel a little weak, but why not?

I bored out of my mind.

All In

My new Big Agnes Tiger Wall one person tent.
Lunch (Potato roll. Sharp cheddar cheese. PB. Pepridge Farm fish. Smiling.
Pecks still trying to fill up.

7 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Got it. Hike anyway. Thats who you are. I hate those little fish. They’d destroy the bus. Plus hate cheddar cheese. You’ve been in my thoughts glad you’re still hiking. Me making coffee ☕ tables,benches out of slabs of wood. Best hobby , reading 📚 #2. Ok good to hear from you. Stay healthy. Love ya man Chris the Burpee Man !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris!!!!!!! I couldn’t figure out who this was! Idiot! Like there’s thousands that write to me. Ha. I know so many AA Chrises. You have no idea. Hope your well and staying fit my dear friend. Love you too brother.


  2. Yes, I’m up. The lake is not… sure is taking it’s time.
    That is not a real sandwich.
    Now I’m going back to bed to see if the sandman will do his job this time.
    Fake hiking is the best choice.
    Peace, out.

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