Covid 19

That’s me. Having a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my left jawline. I’m wearing a mask. My doc, Campanelli, who I have a crush on, has a mask, eye protection, and is wearing nearly a hazmat suit.

Yup, I said crush. Another blog entry needed there.

I’m living through a Global Pandemic.

Did you think this would happen? I did. Germs are going to kill us. Kill us all one day. Why? Because we are pathetic humans. If we didn’t have guns, we would all have been eaten long ago.

Can’t shoot germs. They will get us. Blight kills trees. This is our blight. Hell, we pollute our water and air. What the fuck. Pathetic humans. The germs will get us.

Sorry for the language. That word is just necessary sometimes.

Yes, some superbug will kill us, if this one doesn’t. Too many people will exercise their RIGHTS to be stupid, and we all will die. My species will kill itself.

Another blog topic in there somewhere.

I intended to write about my hike today. Guess I am. Covid 19 hiking. Ha. That’s my mask under my chin. I passed about 10 hikers yesterday. 3 of us had a mask on. Oh, that’s right, it’s safer in the woods. RIGHT. passing people on a narrow trail is harder than passing them when buying groceries. And I didn’t want to go off the trail. Ticks. The super insects that are helping the super bugs spread. They are all against us. Why not?

I remember the days when my biggest concern was weather I would roll in dog poop while we were playing football in the field next door. Remember that? Or maybe a bee sting. Now I am frightened outside everywhere. Frightened by the other people.

People. I carry mace when I hike. To spray the bears? Nope. To spray a homicidal human, if I come across one. That’s a whole nother post. Geez. I say “nother!” Do you? Another blog topic unearthed. A whole nother post. Wow.

I actually just wanted to write about my hike today. I guess I did. Here are some photos;

I wrote a whole blog post about the idiot I met at this fire tower and deleted it by accident. Guess I wasn’t supposed to be trashing one of my brothers.

So now I just trashed my entire species. Ironic.

I love bear warning stuff. They remind me that I am wandering around on the bears turf. In their food chain. Exciting,

Well that’s it. Bugs or bears. One of those is going to get me.

All In

3 thoughts on “Covid 19

  1. Hang in. And agree our species will probably kill ourselves. How many movies were made regarding this. In now I remember wondering this back in January when I first read about it. Hopefully we’ll be gone. And don’t eat Soylent green tablets. Ha. Later Chris. PS thanks for keeping in the loop. HC

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  2. Much to unpack in your writings.
    I will leave just this. “The meek shall inherit the earth.”
    This line from the Bible has long meant to me that when the history of man is over, the only living things left will be the cockroaches and their pals. The bugs may be tiny, but are rarely self-destructive.
    Or maybe all the stupid people, the chest pounders, the “you can’t tell ME what to do” will vanish from the planet and the rest of us can pick up the pieces and live in peace.
    Wouldn’t that be something.
    I suspect it will take at least another unit of measure in time beyond my knowing.
    Or maybe Kirk will return with Spock and waive a prime directive wand.
    For now, I take deep breaths, I watch the birds build nests of hope, and I wait.

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