The Lehigh Gap

I have a friend who has been telling me, for years, about the “Blue” Trail, a loop off the AT, with great views of the Lehigh to the North of the Ridge. I have been so focused on extending my completed section of the AT, that any other hiking seems a waste of time. I have to change my attitude.

This Blue Trail is spectacular. Pennsylvania spectacular and yesterday was just an exceptional day, weather and people wise.

This campsite, on that same Trail, faces NW and is perfect for viewing the sunset. These two guys, one still in his tent, had spent the night. They were a local pair just out for an overnight. The one still inside the tent, is graduating from Lafayette this year, just like my grandson Vinnie! He is going to look Vinnie up next week. (He did!)

Anyway, off I went. Across the ridge with stunning views of the Lehigh River as it wound its way

past Palmerton.

As the trail swung to the left, in a few meters I came to the AT intersection. I decide to eat.

Pop Tarts. Yuk. Hiker food they say. Way too sweet.

What? Here came along April Campbell and four friends!!! One was her husband. Oh my. I haven’t seen April, except for Facebook, for decades! She was one of my former students. A good one. Pure energy.

“Hey,” she said, “It’s my gym teacher, Mr. Shobert!!!” I was delighted! Often, I’m not so happy to see a former student. April

was different.

She was still going 100 miles an hours with that big smile she always had! I asked about her sister, and her brother, who was the field goal kicker on my only Championship football team!!!

April asked me if I remembered a crab soccer game she played in in Junior High. I gave her my kindest rye face and said, “No,” “but I remember you in class, always filled with energy!” She smiled a bit broader.

Her friend told me that I got the award today for the best socks! “Darn Toughs?”she asked. “Of course!” I said. She was a hiker. Only hikers know Darn Toughs.

“Darn.” I get it Darn like darn. Socks. I never thought of that before!!! Cool!

Off they went. Up I got.

Down hill to my car and home. That’s the Blue Trail. What was the title of this draft? “The Lehigh Gap”

Go up there and explore! Lots of great trails.

All In

6 thoughts on “The Lehigh Gap

      1. Where is the start point. I am gong to figure out a way to get to PA. My sister is not permitting overnight guests right now. Bummer.


      2. There is a parking lot on the North side of the bridge going across the Lehigh River outside Palmerton. You follow the white blazes (AT) up until you meet a blue blaze trail to the right. Go to the view and come back or continue to the AT White blazes. Turn left and walk downhill to your car.


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