You know. There are people in the world and there are special people in the world. The kind that immediately disarm you.

Remember when you were a kid, and you went into a friends house? There were two kinds of moms. The ones that made you feel like you should just turn around and leave as soon as possible. Then there were those special moms. You were welcome. You were treated better than family. Didn’t you love that? I think my mom was like that. To other people.

Back to the point. (How many times have I written that sentence?) I drove into Angel’s Rest Hiker Hostel, last Sunday. Immediately, this smile greets me. A real smile. Not a retail smile; one of those, I’m paid to smile, smiles. A real, warm smile.

I don’t know about you, but the ones who smile like that at me are keepers. They go on the, “I want you for a friend” list.

That’s Pringles. She pretty much manages the Hostel. She went over and above for Jennie and I. As a host and as a hiker reference. As a host, she was as efficient and professional as a host can be. As a reference, she was a world of information! I learned a whole bunch of stuff. Little practice tips. (She has a cap for a water bottle with holes drilled in it. A portable shower!)

She pointed us to the best campsite on the property. She gave us some cool clips for our shoulder strap water bottles. She brought out her new pack to show Jennie and helped get sized properly. Jennie has a pack too big! And this was not “know it all” advice. It was kind, humble, caring advice. The good kind.

We exchanged numbers as we left. Pringles and her guy Broccoli Rob, will be up a the Delaware Water Gap in September. Jennie and I are going to give her a ride from the bus station and shuttle her for a resupply if needed.

I can’t wait until then!!! I will get the chance to repay the favor.

Yup. This is a plug for Angel’s Rest Hiker Hostle In Pearisburg, VA. The Hostle is great, too. CLEAN. That is sometimes hard to find on the AT. Stop there, and say hi to Pringle’s for us. Please tell her “Sitferabit” and “All In” said hi, and enjoy your stay.

If you meet Pringles, you will.

BTW. Doc, the owner, is a chiropractor in town for a bunch of years and loves hikers. Pearisburg is named after Captain Pearis. A confederate Captain from the South team.

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