Thank You All!

To all you lovely people I’ve met this week: I don’t have energy or time enough right now, to write what I want to write. So, I’m just going to post some photos, and get to the stories later. Here goes!

Yours truly and the host of Garden Mountain Hostel! Otzi.
Delightful PA thru hikers, Minnow (foreground) and Tuna!
Samantha! And JP!
Man oh man. What a joy that was!
Vagabond…I wish we lived closer together.
Fernando and Paola!!! 4×4 adventurers from NY and Columbia!
Strider and Roam. A lovely thru hiking couple! I wish they had stuck around with Vagabond and me longer!
Daycrawler, Hill Creeper, and Poppins!
These three were Peace personified.

Well. There are the introductions. The good stuff will follow soon.

I am so Blessed to get to meet and spend a little time with these lovely people. It fills me up.


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