Day 1 of this VA trip.

And that is what it looks like in the morning at Mountain Garden Hostel Virginia. Stunning, wouldn’t you say?

Just earlier it looked like this:

I spent the evening before, and stayed up much to late, chatting with these two.

You know, I’m generally not a people person. I looked over and saw these two and got a bit of anxiety, but then my AT heart said, “GO OVER THERE!!! They are hikers. You love hikers!” And sure enough, it was like an instant friendship! They were so nice. Real. Kind. Fun. I would have missed out. Thank heaven my AT heart pushed me.

My AT heart. That’s a new one. I’ll write about that sometime. Hmmm.

Anyway, Tuna (husband) and Minnow are PA people!!! Left their jobs and came out here to thru hike. Harrisburg, PA was their home. They’re going to restart their lives again after this. How very cool is that!!! I liked them instantly.

I’m hoping they will contact me when they get up north. We need to spend a bit more time together!!!

That’s it for now…it’s 5am Friday. I may go back to the trail and slack pack a few more miles!!! We’ll see. Day 1 started perfectly.


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