The Single Wing

The Single Wing

I know this probably interests no one but me but, this is what was known as the single wing offense, formation. Invented by Glen “Pop”Warner around 1907. He was then the coach at Carlisle College. The reasoning behind this new idea, was that the”wing” back could get into pass routes faster from this new location. Notice 2 things. 1.The line is unbalanced. Both Tackles to one side. 2.The Center is aligned BETWEEN the Tailback and the Fullback. He could snap the ball either place. The Quarterback was most often used as a blocker. Our modern “Shotgun” offenses are not much different than this was. Back then, the Tailback was the passer. My father was a Tailback at Susquehanna University, playing under Coach Amos Alonzo Stagg Jr. Any success I had as a player and coach, came from way back. I essentially was coached by my dad, via Amos Alonzo Stagg, Mike Pettine, and Wayne Hardin. Kind of stacks the deck, wouldn’t you say?

It takes a bunch of decades to realize how important the influences of our past are. I have been very Blessed. I was taught that hard work will give you the best chance of success. I was taught to look around at your teammates, you could not have done this without them. I was most importantly taught that I was gifted with talents from God and I should NEVER take them

for granted. Skipper, my Down’s Syndrome big brother, taught me that third lesson.

Besides all that, I had family behind me; Nashes, Derstines, Redfields, Shivelys, Hamadas, Taylors, and Shoberts. And all the cousins.

I’m writing lots of thank yous these days.

I got a note from my cousin Mike yesterday, encouraging me to keep writing. Brought me to tears.

I was the kid in 10th grade who would literally panic when a pencil and paper was placed in front of me on my desk. I was so worried about what you would think of what I wrote. I could throw a football in a packed stadium, but not write anything that I would let anyone else see.

I started this blog as a diary for Jennie and Marta to have when I was gone. I wanted them to know their dad. I never knew mine well enough.

It has become a part of my life now. I’ll be the one reading this in a decade, remembering who I was, and all the wonderful people who have crossed my path.


6 thoughts on “The Single Wing

  1. I’m so glad your hip surgery is behind you and all went well. You never answered me about whether or not you went to the Rothman Institute in Bensalem which is where our John had his hip replaced. If so, what was your doctor’s name?

    Good football re-cap story – you certainly did have a good coaching background and your Dad & Mom and cousin sure were proud of you!!! xoxo Norma

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  2. The first part… blah, blah, blah, football. Way over my “I sort of watch the Super Bowl” relationship to the game. The rest is gold. Pencils never scared me… a ball coming at me that I was supposed to catch? 😳

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  3. Spoke to John Miller fri said you’re getting along after hip operation. You’ll do ok with therapy. Painful but you’re no couch potato so hang in. Enjoyed ur football talk. I watch Good Morning football show at 7am Monday thru Friday while on my exercise on bike. And yes keep writing those letters to relatives. Ok stay safe, eat well and I’ll do the same. Chris

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