Am I out hiking? Is my new hip all ready to go? Nope.

I’m just waiting for my daughter Jennie and her step sister Abby. They started at Wind Gap on the Appalachian Trail, and are camping at the Kirkridge Shelter tonight after a 9 mile hike!

I just now got this photo! That’s Jennie in the foreground. Looks like they’re have a good time! I’m so glad.

How can you not have a good time out there!!!

I’m sitting at Fox Gap, about a mile short of their destination, with extra water, a cold drink, and a snack. My first, I think, shot at being a Trail Angel. What I have for them is called Trail Magic.

I’m here early, as always. Can’t help myself. I hate being late.

So, nope. I’m not ready to hike yet. Well, I actually went about 30 meters Southbound and realized that it was far enough. 🙂

It won’t be too long now…


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