Thank you.

An early companion.

I will do this profusely when I finish this major accomplishment, at some point in the near future. That’s right. I said near future. This is the final push. I have to do this now. Finish Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail.

I will profusely thank all of you who have lifted me up those mountains.

Landi. Linda “Karma”. Eyreish. John “Creeky Knees.” Gates. Scott “Sherpa.” Kelly “Sleeping Beauty.” Jennie “Sitferabit.” Megaphone. Sharkey. Pringles. Special Ed. Crazy Quilt. Pollyanna. Two Hip. Flash. Sailor. Lindy. Stratt. Norma. Vagabond. Nathan Rogers. Mslrat43. Rob Licopoli “RL.” Larry Lawfer. Bob L. Andy. Jeff. Nella.

I know that I have missed some of you. I will edit as I remember the rest of you.

Some of you were there at the start. Some of you have never been on the trail with me, but have been a great support. Some of you joined me and lifted my spirits along the way. Some of you are lifting me now.

Thank you. I am so grateful to you all.

But now I have to give my first hiker and life friend, Karma, a big virtual hug. You quietly entered my life in 2015. You had just finished your first Thru Hike. (She has done it TWICE) You lit the fire. You walked my first 20 with me. You called me “Boom.” You continue to be my mentor and great friend. You will be out there soon again. It’s is in your soul to explore and accomplish.

You have ruined my life. All I want to do is hike now. 😂 Thanks Pal.


3 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. I couldn’t get in to this page to make a comment. I am humbled to have been included in thanks for the support, but really all I did is appreciate your effort, determination, all the mid game adjustments to stay on the field or get back on the field. That has always been your gift and inspiration to all of us and in particular me.

    I am still working and in my daily grind I think of you when I hit a difficult patch. At that moment I am with you on this field ready to do my best. I thank you for that. I thank you for forgiving my failings and celebrating our strengths. You remain an inspiration especially when you are challenge.

    I am with you in the “all in” mantra.

    It’s al about you,




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