I wrote this email to an old hiker friend of mine. He had the idea to hike the entire trail when I thought he was crazy…ironic, wouldn’t you say?

The email when like this:

You know Pete. Some days I wake up and think I’m crazy to try and finish this trail. It is the root cause of so many nagging body parts and will continue to aggravate such parts and others as long as I keep pursuing this goal.
Then I say to myself: What other thing in my life gives me more pleasure? My friends and family for sure, but nothing else. So then I recommit myself to the goal.
I was looking at the stats from 2017. In the age group 70-75, there were like 4 thru hikers. 4. There is a reason why only four. (None over 75) It is really hard with a 70 year old body to complete this thing.
Problem is, I’m not good a losing. Especially if I really care and I have made a commitment to myself, and then like a dope, tell others.
I win at the things I really want to win at. I’ve, even as a young kid, known how to succeed at stuff. Do your best and don’t quit. Logic now tells me again, finish. Do your best and don’t quit. So, I will not quit. I will be careful and smart, by not getting too tired, which makes me stupid. You know what I mean. I will do the 105 miles in VA at 10 a day. 12 days. That includes travel and a day off in the middle.
Thanks for reading all of this. You must have if you got this far! Now I feel better. I know you get it. I’m off to an 6:30 AA meeting in Frenchtown. A bunch of really good guys. Hope you have a good day my friend. We will hike together. You are invited to come anytime. I will welcome the company and there will be some good stories.
Stay Well.

Me back out there in my Big Agnes Tiger Wall.
Sunset at Kirkridge Shelter.

Here we go again. 😊

All In

3 thoughts on “Update:

  1. You know, that’s only 4 ‘reported’. Not actually 4. And I know that a guy over 80 hiked like… last year. Most thru-hikers who finish don’t bother reporting — and I think older hikers are even less likely to bother, since they’re generally over needing that kind of approval. 🙂 Plus, it wouldn’t include the thru-hikers over 70 who attempted but didn’t go all the way to Katahdin, even if they walked 2000 miles. That’s a lot more than 4.

    Just sayin’! 🙂 Nice to see your pixels!

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