What Do You Think?

They light up the newly restored steeple on top of the First United Church of Christ, on 3rd and Church Streets in Easton, PA.

I know it’s supposed to get all we Easton residents in the Holiday Spirit, but truthfully, it’s looks a bit vampirish to me, right?

As the sun goes down, the red lighting takes on the most beautiful shade of pink, but then as the darkness takes over, it get just plain spooky.

I know I’m not the only one sees “Dark Shadows” in that steeple. I kind of like it actually, but I’ll bet the more conservative Christians in town do not feel the same way.

Green is just fine right? Why does the red freak me out? Maybe it needs some projected snow around the bottom or a bit of garland. No! I’ve got it. A big wreath! That would absolutely change the whole feeling of that thing. A huge green wreath with a big gold bow tied at the bottom. Yes.

I’m going to send an anonymous letter to the church office, suggesting the wreath.

Maybe next year. Maybe not next year. Meanwhile, just look the other way.

Our Peace Candle

There, much better.

Have a Lovely Holiday everyone!


One thought on “What Do You Think?

  1. Well, now that you said it, I can’t think of it in any other way… Hahaha. Have a great holiday season yourself, Doug, and here’s wishing you all a healthy New year. Lindy


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