Wolf Rocks

Well, I’ve decided to try something a little different today. Instead of me writing and posting, here is a short video of today’s adventure! Hope you enjoy.



11 thoughts on “Wolf Rocks

      1. Ha! Hurt my calf 20 meters from my car last week! I’m back in PT. I just need to be ready by April. Jennie, my daughter and I, are going to wait until we have the vaccine in us before we hit the trail. I hope it is soon we will go in March if we can. Finishing the last 100 of VA, then down to GA for a hundred or so NOBO!!! I can’t wait!!! My hip is so ready!!!


  1. Hi Doug – this is Covid Hat Guy. Enjoyed our trail chat. We should have told you that the girls were twins – so you’d remember us as the Twins and the dudes who hang out with them. We have the same goals as you – get out on that trail more often and section hike it. So hope to run into you in the future, on the trail. Following your blog will remind us that some people are out there , walking the walk, and hiking the hike. Doug Humes

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    1. I was so hoping I would here from you! That’s why I did a video, so I could get the post up quickly. I’m going to try and remember to let you know where I’m going. Increase our chances of meeting!!! It was great meeting you guys. Twins and hat. I’ll remember now, for sure. Doug (All-In)

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      1. The hat was a flight of fancy years ago. Once I wore it out in public the first time, I found that it attracts attention – people smile, say something, stop and chat, kids point at you and laugh, dogs growl at you. So I have learned that if I am going to wear it, I better be in the mood to stop and chat. But I like that anyway – not about the attention but the engagement that results. And because you mentioned Easton, it appeared on our radar. On our drive home yesterday, we were looking for a nice place to eat – lots of things were closed. Looked at what might be along or not too far off our route home – Easton! Beautiful drive south along the river and beautiful farm country. Noted a number of wineries to return to in the summer. We had a delicious lunch at the River Grille. Had not been in Easton since visiting for a Lafayette football game and a bacon festival (annual event?) years ago. So – that all flowed out of the kismet of meeting you on the trail! And the hat!

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  2. Where are your “wolf rocks”? Mine are on Buckingham mountain in Bucks County where the Doans Brothers hung out while marauding the neighborhood during the Revolutionary War and where the hermit lived during the years my aunts owned Valley Farm.

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