Day 1

Yes. Day one. The first day one in some time. 2 Covid shots and a new hip, both keeping me safe out here. And of course, there’s Jennie. My hiking partner these days.

Yes. Jennie and I are going to Georgia!!! Tomorrow we will do the “Approach Trail” to Springer Mountain, the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail. BTW- it’s pronounced with a short “o” like “latch.” Not a long “o” like “lake.” I’ve said it wrongly all my life. Appalachian Trail!

As you can see, with a little editing help, Spring is springing down here!!!

Tennessee. N

Our friend Betty came down and met us at a weird place called the Enota Mountain House.

The woman that runs this place is sure the Covid virus is a government hoax. It was hard just being there. Not going to expand on this. I intend to have a good time.

This is our friend Josh. He decided in 24 hours to hike the trail and he’s doing it!!! He kept passing Jennie saying, “This is no joke!” Over and over. I hope I see him in Wind Gap! Good guy.

Up the Springer Mountain Approach Trail we went. Holy Moly. It was so tough! We all said we would NEVER do that again! It was my big idea. I’m glad we did it but it was really hard. 8.4 miles uphill.

Blaze One!

This plaque was moved here in the 50s. Oglethorpe Mountain was it’s original home. From sometime in the 30s.

And it begins. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Finally…Georgia!

  1. You’re not wrong! It’s AppaLATCHan south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and AppaLAYshan north of the Mason-Dixon line. 🙂 Geographical. Like sweet tea, or “bless your heart”, lol.

    Safe travels! Have a fantastic hike!

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  2. Doug, I enjoy reading about your hikes much more than I think I would enjoy the hikes themselves. 8.4 miles uphill!. I barely make the climb from Laurel Rd up Comfort Road to Manoff’s farm in Solebury.

    It’s great to see you and Jen together.

    Appa “latch”ia. Appa”latch”ia. That pronunciation will take practice.

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