My Life Is So Good! 2/21

Today, I spent the morning, well part of the morning, skiing at Blu Mountain with my newish friend Betty.

Betty, like me , is a retired teacher. Retired. Funny word that. Re tired. Hmm.

Me and Betty!

I’m not sure I would have come today had it not been for Betty. I have trouble following through with physical stuff lately. Maybe it’s Covid. Maybe it’s depression. Maybe it’s just winter. Probably just winter. In the morning, I can do anything. In the evening, I lose my confidence. I change my mind and don’t do what I had planned to do the next day.

This Covid Winter will be one we will not forget soon.

That is the really easy trail just out from the lodge. Perfect for my new hip!

And that is looking back the other way. Those fires throw off some heat and the chairs are SO comfortable, at the end of your day. Or in the middle of your day!

I sort of thought I might rest up and go back out, didn’t happen. Betty went back out for a few more runs. I was done. My right leg got extremely tired and achey, quickly.

So… I skied at 70! Next, I surf at 70. Then I will be happy. For a while.

Truth is, this was so good for me.

Anyway, I only made two short runs on the bunny trail and one long run, called Burma Road. That was it.

My right thigh and then my knee began to ache too much. There was the burn from fatigue, but it was more than that. My left thigh was tired but the side where my hip was replaced 5 months ago, just didn’t feel right.

I don’t think the muscles have recovered yet. And something weird, too. My leg has turned in since the surgery! The toe points straight now. Amazing.

I think also, there is something going on mechanically, that is different. My whole hip and lower back area move differently. Maybe I am crazy. But I don’t think so. That area of my body is still getting used to the reconstruction.

I came home and turned on Dixie, “Homemade Wanderlust.” I wanted to finish her video on completing the Continental Divide Trail, the third of the Triple Crown, all 3 major American hiking trails. What an accomplishment. What an inspiration she is.

As I sat and watched, my confidence came back! If she can do that, I can finish the AT. No more doubts. Just do it.

“Try not. Do it do not. There is no try.”

Time to suck it up and follow my own direction. I fired that Yoda quote hundreds of times, to so many of my students. Time for me to heed those words.

No more second guessing. No more worrying. Just finish the Trail. It’s the evening and I’m writing this. That’s a good sign. 😊


PS. What a tough winter!

3 thoughts on “My Life Is So Good! 2/21

  1. Bless you, Doug. I was so grateful to be able to play pickleball after the Reconstruction of my right foot, but now I need two new knees. If all goes well, pickleball will be in my future again! I’m grateful that it’s even a possible option. Love to you and yours. Lindy

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  2. Glad I gave you that coffee ☕ cup had no idea it would inspire but I like to make a difference in peoples lives cause lots of people inspire me . Finally got a new doctor. My old office in dtown closed and decided to get one up here. Lots of offices are not taking new patients . My blood pressure is high and I need to manage it. Also get into exercise routine other than my bike on a stand in dining room and I don’t do that every day either. There was a great Facebook post about Marty Stern. It was complete with short life history and I remember him telling Clay and I about coaching semi-pro football for a team in Wilmington, Del. We talked for 3hrs or so at Bob Nagle’s wake last year. It was great. The man saved my senior year at CB. Glad you’re getting body back in shape skiing and hiking. Was over at the Burpee last fall one shooting baskets . Ok might go to Larry Thackeray’s father funeral this morning. Met his father years ago he was very receptive and just great funny guy. Knew younger brother Michael too be nice to see him and his wife Margie. Keep up good work hope to catch up with you, Gates and John . Later dude

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