Up Early

Wet. Wet. Wet.


Would like to go get my food bag. Afraid of mosquito attack. This has been a great hike. It was harder on me physically than I expected, I think. I’ll need to get lighter.

Food is such a problem. I like it in too large helpings. Or should I say two large helpings. Either way, going up in pounds is too easy and going down, too hard.

I was 240. Yikes. I am 210. Still yikesish. 200. I must get under 200! Not just to hike, but for my health. But how do I stop loving the Easton, PA Market? The indoor market, not the Farmer’s Market, which is the oldest farmer’s market in America. The indoor market. Specifically, The Modern Crumb. We’re on a first name basis there. They make the best Oatmeal Cookie sandwich. The icing between the two large and perfectly chewy cookies, is to die for. Food addict much?

This was not how this blog entry was supposed to go. It was to be about the excitement I’m feeling on the cusp of finishing Virginia. Not excited yet. Too early.

Let’s take stock though. Let me see. I did Maryland. Then finished Pennsylvania. Then New Jersey. Then New York, after multiple trips to Virginia. Then Connecticut. Then West Virginia. Then most of Massachusetts, and now Virginia. After Betty and I go up and finish Mass, and today is over, I will have…oops, forgot Georgia. I think I’m trying to forget Georgia. Hard. It was really hard.

So, I will have 9 states of the Appalachian Trail finished.

I will have North Carolina, a little Tennessee, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine to do.

We’ll see, won’t we?

We’ll see is good enough today.


Made it!

Crazy Larry!!! (post coming)
Angelle’s in Daleville

6 thoughts on “Up Early

  1. Ann, Mattie & I just returned from a “girls trip” to Maine – it was wonderful but a week is just too short for Maine. Edward had neither the strength to go so Ed III & Beth stayed here w/him and pampered him for the week. All the rest of our kids and grands were up there and a good time was had by all! You should get up there soon – it’s beautiful!!! xoxo Norma

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