Whitetop Mountain to Damascus

Red Squirrel

That’s it. The only remarkable happening today besides me getting hot and exhausted.

I started with a 1500’ downhill. Funny about this hiking thing; at some point, always, I hate going uphill. While that’s happening, I can’t wait to get to the top and go down. Then at some point during the down, I hate that, too.

I started this craziness 6 years ago. Back then my knees didn’t mind the downs. Now they do. My knees talk to me and my quads hurt. One time, I was caught on a down hill in Massachusetts. I just couldn’t go any farther. Each step down was painful. Really painful. I stopped tons and hobbled my way down.

At the bottom was a wetland, completely flat. Thank Heaven, and it was my last day hiking. So i didn’t have to see how much they would recover and how long they would hurt.

Today, it began again. It wasn’t as bad, but it was getting close. Now, tomorrow I have a 1000’ decent.

There is always something. Something tough to deal with. That’s the reason I do this. I have no choice but to keep going. And I get through it. And I feel good about myself.

I understand why they do this with troubled teens. I’m certain that most of them have that same experience. What a great thing.

BTW. In the clouds this morning,

as I was starting out from Whitetop Mountain, hiking through a large pasture. I can to Buzzard Rock.

The trail headed straight to it and I started up. It was a dead end. Confused. I got confused. I couldn’t find the trail. I looked down and saw it heading away from the rock. I climbed down and proceeded to walk about a half mile in the WRONG DIRECTION!

Things started looking familiar. I couldn’t believe it. I was almost back to my car.

Hmmm. That was my first hour today. I really hate that.

First of all, when I do things like that these days, it feels a bit like the TIA. Scares me.

It’s good that I get scared. During my mini stroke, there was no fear. Just confusion. Fear and anger tell me I’m ok.

I’m still not recovered from that experience.

Things happen in life, and maybe I’m paying more attention, that really shake me. This getting older is such a journey. A beautiful one, really. I’m here. Alive. Happy.

I really don’t need much more. Just a Jeep. 🙂


Here are a few more shots from today. I was uninspired after those Highlands yesterday. Maybe tomorrow will charge me up again. I’m almost finished with VIRGINIA!

Tomorrow or the next day I will stroll into Damascus!

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