Really Finish VA!


Well that’s Pacemaker. A Thru hiker I met a month or so ago up at Fox Gap. She’s holding one of my All-In chips; said she would send me a photo from Katahdin, Chip in hand. She has to be nearly finished. I wonder if she will.

They call her “Pacemaker” because she is always out in front of her group and old guys seem to really like her. I think everyone likes her! She was really nice. Sat and chatted with me until her ride picked her up.

Youth. Why is it wasted on the young? Mark Twain, right?

The Dover Oak

I’m on fire for the trail again. A break in the heat and I’m on my way to VA. I have 3 miles left to really finish the state. It was eating me up.

I’ll be hiking 3.7 miles South from Damascus to the VA / TN border and back. Then I’ll drive north to Daleville, VA. Have dinner at Angelle’s, stay at the Super 8, then to Richmond to visit Steve and Paige Whitten.

After that, I’m going back over to the Shenandoah National Park for two nights of camping and day hiking. I think it will be more exploring than hiking.

I’m hurt. Heel pain, but it doesn’t matter any more. I always hurt now. I’m just hiking anyway. I have to.

Sitting at home is killing me. Literally.

I’m really bad at physical maintenance. I hate it. Just like anyone else. It have to feel like I’m attacking a goal or I just get bored. I get bored trying to stay physically fit.

Pathetic really for a retired High School Physical Education teacher.

I need the trail. It rejuvenates me like competition and coaching used to. I think I will hike as long as I can.

Any of you out there that get this?

I also need the young people like Pacemaker. I love those kids, just like I loved the high school kids I taught.

Young people and the Trail. My drug of choice.

Just finished an episode of South Park. It satirized testicular cancer and the marijuana treatment used. Along with the medicinal wonders of KFC.

Watching that was strangely similar to Fox News. Wait, but they’re serious. Yikes. Do the far right Republicans watch South Park do you think? No. I bet they want it off the air. Surprising. The Donald and Cartman have quite a bit in common. Te he he. 😂


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