Into Damascus!!!

I think the storm is over. The thunder stopped around 4am. My tent fly is soaked. I’ll pack it separately from my tent. Must have a dry tent. Must have a dry sleeping bag and pad. If I get stuck. Staying warm is the most important thing. Even in summer. Wind up on the mountain changes everything. Hypothermia becomes easy.

I’m up and hiking. There is a little rain. I’m wet. I can’t tell what is sweat and what is rain water. It doesn’t matter.

Here are some shots from today. I had 3 miles to Saunders Shelter, for a break and water. Then I will go as far as I can.

I’m camped. Great Spotify went aroind 10 miles. Tomorrow I have 4.9 into Damascus. Into Damascus!!!


5 thoughts on “Into Damascus!!!

  1. I enjoyed these posts even though they continue to report you living “all in” which often gives me the willies. May your next adventure be drier, cooler, and full of wonder.

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    1. I know. I did actually take my time for the second half and used an extra half day. Shame it was so hot it hardly mattered. No more heat like that. It takes the fun out of it. That stretch in the Highlands was perfect. Cool. Low humidity. Great stuff. I had to finish VA. Now the last “had to” finish is Mass. I won’t be by myself and I will be able to rely on the weather. Its closer. More north, too.


  2. I must admit I do not know the significance of Damascus. The flowers, or the flowering bushes are beautiful. I think one might be a mountain laurel but I looked online, and there doesn’t seem to be any orange mountain laurel, so I wonder what that is. Anyway, the ups and downs of your journey, pun intended, Sound miserable. Glad it’s you and not me🤪🤣 Stay well, Doug. Love you. Lindy

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    1. There is no real significance to Damascus, Lindy. It’s just a thing with AT people and the end of Virginia for me. It’s so tough out there but do good for me. I’m ALWAYS glad I go!!! Love you, too.


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