I am an outside person. Always have been. Always will be. My body is riddled with scars from skin cancer removal. 6 Squamous Cell cancers on my face alone.

Today I’m having two scraped off. My chest and my back. In two days I will have the first of two Mohs surgeries. One on my leg and one on my face.

Mohs surgeries are done in places where it matters what it looks like of there is not much skin above bone. A slice is taken out and tested while you wait. If they think they have it all, they close you up and home you go. If not, you go back to the doc for another slice.

I’ve never had to go back. Good surgeon. Great surgeon. I sort of have a crush on him. He’s a surfer, young looking and acting fit his age, and just a cool guy. When he was in college, he went to Costa Rica with a couple of buddies, got dropped in the middle of a jungle section and they backpacked and camped their way out with compasses and Maps.

* This was written nearly a year ago. Just found it. I got a call from the skin doc today. Another biopsy came back positive for basal cell. There were two others since this was written as well. Oh well. A day at a time. Right?


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