Tohickon Valley Park – 1

Going camping tonight with I don’t know who. Except for Brooke. Brooke is the niece of one of my oldest friends, Mike M. She and her boyfriend Todd will be there. I think. My friend John Miller is iffy. He is so busy with family, friends, and church that he is never sure if he can make it. Actually, I am the problem.

This was supposed to be a 4 day backpacking trip going NOBO from High Point SP in NJ; miles added on to Betty’s goal to finish NJ.

Stuff happens. I guess it’s not always my fault plans change, but they do. This time it’s my heel. My heel and Betty’s dad fell again. It’s hard for John because his schedule is tight and committing to a hike with me is never a certainty. It’s become almost silly to put me in your calendar for a hike.

This really upsets me. Hiking for years was just something I planned and did. It’s not simple anymore. If I want to do AT miles to add to my total, I need to drive 8 hours South and 5 hours North. Day hikes are out of the question. My next Southern hike will be in NC. I’m going for 10 days at least. 100 miles. It’s silly to drive 16 hours to do any fewer miles.

I’m confusing myself. Too many thoughts.

1. It’s hard for John to plan with me. I change my plans too much.

2. Driving is more dangerous than hiking. I need to stay on the trail for longer periods.

3. Longer trips make it tough for others to join me.

4. My hiking health is failing me.

5. I don’t want to hike alone but I’m going to have to. I’ll just go and let my hiker friends know my plans and if they can join me, so be it.

6. We were all excited for this NJ trip and now it’s been reduced to an overnight at a local park.

7. Brooke and Todd aren’t ready for the trail. He’s diabetic which complicates matters a bit and it makes him nervous.

8. Todd doesn’t like tents. That’s going to be a Brooke problem because she wants to go. She’s on fire to backpack, he’s not.

8. Betty may join us for breakfast.

9. It will be good because Brooke needs ti learn how to filter water and cook out there. I’ll show her that stuff today. On this overnight.

10. I don’t know who will be there tonight.

11. My recliner is calling me. Netflix and my recliner. I have to fight that off.

I guess there are 11 topics there and I don’t know which one to write about.

Good. It’s 0515 now so I can get up and make some coffee.

I’m going to need a nap.


* No idea when I write this!

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