Yep. That’s what time it is right now. Oops 2311. We’ll that disappointing.

I’m hot. It was 85 degrees here today. 85!!!

I can’t get a signal here. I’ll bet it’s in the high 60s right now. I thought I liked the heat. I don’t. I want it always to be 48 degrees when I hike. Actually, just above freezing with no wind. Perfect.

It’s April 5th. It’s going to cool down tomorrow and there may be rain. Huh? This kind oh heat this early with a rapid temperature drop is thunderstorms. With lots of wind and lightening. I don’t understand the weather. It seems like it’s different now, but not warmer. Just different.

This was yesterday:

This was last night:

I love our Sun and Moon. Love them.

I am really boring these days.

No energy.

Boom. Hammers. All-In.

On April 27th we are leaving the US. Switzerland, the Germany, the South Africa. Two months. I am so ready for this trip.

Technology is the hardest part. Staying connected. I need to be able to pay bills here when I am there.

I’m still bored.

There is lots of noise out there. It’s either a bear or a noisy camper setting up. I think it’s a bear at the dumpster. Yes. That will take care of my boredom. I’ll make it a bear.

Now maybe I’ll have a story to tell.

I’ve got nothing.


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