Well. I got what I asked for! Thunder, lightning and rain. Awesome! I haven’t been in a tent for a good rain in such a long time!

Do you remember canvas? Dad would get mad if we touched the tent material over us. Apparently, it would cause it to drip at that spot. Is that true?

I was in the Shenandoah National Park one night in the rain a few years ago. 6 inches of rain came down! I hiked into the campground and had to take the lowest site.

The water came down the hill and right through my tent!!! I was nearly floating on my Thermarest sleeping pad!

I was in a storm with Betty and Jennie a couple of years ago. Betty said the radar was showing purple was to pass right over us! There was a shelter pretty close by, but they both listened to me and we put up our tents instead of staying in the shelter with some strangers. Bad move.

The wind and rain was mighty. Like Taruk Makta. Mighty. Wind sheer was predicted for the county where we were located.

Nothing bad happened. Thank you HP.

This was a baby compared to both of those storms. The 6 inches in VA and the Mighty one in PA.

Could be another wave coming. I can’t get any internet here. My car is right next to me if it gets serious. So far not.

Gonna try and sleep. Night all.


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