12++ The Hammock


So. I bought this hammock with the brilliant idea that the ticks won’t be able to get me. Brilliant me thinks.

Now. What about my gear. What about the time spent NOT sleeping. What if I need something in my pack, wherever it is, in the middle of the night. Do I lock my pack to the tree? Will the ticks climb in my pack? How do I get out of the rain without being prone?

I’m sending it back.

Now. I’m back to a tent. You might think this upsets me. Nope. I love the chase.

Especially since I have a lump on my thyroid. Shopping, searching, researching is total escape for me.
Lump you say? Later I will discuss the lump. Maybe I already have…I’ll check. I can’t remember who I have told what. I’ve decided to not tell anyone anything for a while. Not you, don’t worry.

Oh, my. My journal has become animated. I’m losing it.

I must go back to ebay and look at tents seriously. Water and bug safe tents.

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