Osprey Volt 60L


Wow! What a difference compared to the Ebay bargain I had and sold today.  First…the waist belt extends and actually FITS my 65 year old mid section. The weight was all on my hips. Amazing how much better that feels.

I think I fitted it pretty well thanks to REI on YouTube. Load lifters are at the proper angle. Weight is much tighter against my back. Shoulder straps are shaped nicely over my shoulders. Shame I’m so crooked!

I have this same pack in 75 Litres on the way. I will choose one of the two. All the video says go small, but I want to hike and enjoy the camping…speed means little to me. The 75L is 4oz heavier and both are under 4 lbs!

Seeing the surgeon tomorrow to ask questions and schedule the Op. I may have it all out now just in case the small nodule on the other side has cancer…I may not want to think about it. I’ll see what the doc days…  Cheers.

3 thoughts on “Osprey Volt 60L

  1. There are all kinds of cancers, don’t get too freaked. Space I would still have it out. Nice backpack but not as nice as the Marriott. 😉

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