More Mohonk


The gatehouse to the Mohonk Mountain House.  Imagine a world where this was an entrance to a hotel! Craftsmanship more important and price and speed of production.  I don’t believe we will ever see these days again.


Im headed to a place in the Catskills where they practice climbing.  You know, scaling sheer rock face. Crazy stuff. It excites me to watch.  I will never do.  Nice path through the woods from my swimmimg hole.


This is my swimming hole.  My new favorite place to be in Nature.  The granite warms quickly in the sun so even at 60 degrees it is warm enough to remove however much clothing you want to remove.  Skinny dipping is legal here. More like fat dipping for me actually.  🙂


This is the kind of thing you just come upon in the Mohonk Reserve, of which I am a member now. I am always so happy to pay for the preservation. I waste so much money on stupid thing sometimes.  This is money well spent. “Why do we have to pay to be in Nature?” you say. (Is that punctuation right?)  We have to pay because humans are not responsible enough to leave the planet alone. I gladly pay. A beach tag keeps the beach clean. Small price to pay for beauty.  These rocks would be painted if it weren’t for the memberships. How bad would that be?


This is the “Underlook” path.  You watch the climbers from below.  There is and overlook path as well. I’m afraid of cliff edges.  Go for it if you want.

I think I will go back on Tuesday after the appointment with my surgeon.  We are scheduling the removal of the rest of my thyroid.  They spotted cancer in the first half removed so going back in they are. (that’s Yoda talk)  Then radioactive iodine, I think to clear out any thyroid tissue left after the op. I will be RADIOACTIVE for two days.  Bring on the jokes.  Yes, my personality will be glowing.  Isn’t it always?

P.S.  I returned this Samsung J3 phone and am picking up the S3 today. The camera’s pictures are really DULL.  The next lot will be better again.


2 thoughts on “More Mohonk

  1. Hi, I surfed into your blog some time ago and started following as some of the places you visit are not that far from me.
    I just wanted to say that Mohonk preserve is not in the Catskills, it’s Shawangunk mountains, known as the “Gunks”. I have visited the Minnewaska State Park there. I’s beautiful, but also very popular, best to visit on weekdays. You can see the Catskills from the highest cliffs above Lake Minnewaska. There are also some pretty waterfalls, Awosting falls is the biggest and easiest to find.

    I wish you all the best regarding your health issues. My husband also had a large thyroid tumor and lost half of his thyroid.

    (I’m ‘accented’ so please understand if my sentences are somewhat Yoda-like:)

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