8 Miles SOBO from Wind Gap

Bear passing through! 

Shortly before we reached this spot on the Trail, a big black furry creature passed by! How cool. Seeing the prints is way less scary than the actual animal. Still exciting though. I’ve seen many bears over the years, but never prints! 

My friend John and I ambled across the easy 8 miles seeing pretty much nothing. One scenic overlook and the clouds and fog took it completely away.  

As we passed a crew working on a gas pipeline, they shouted to us,”Are you headed to Georgia?” “Well, we’re going the right direction, so I guess we are!” we said. Even the workers are in a good mood out here. 

It snowed a few inches up here last night, but the above freezing temperatures had the forest dripping on us for the first few hours. On flat, the walking is easier on this much snow. I felt more sure footed than on wet leaves. 

I had never seen one of these survey markers before! I’m on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. Yes I am. 

And in technicolor. 

Hunting season, you know. We passed two hunters just before we finished our hike. We shared a few stories. Hunters are nice on the Trail as well!

I just want to thank my friend John:

We went to HS together. Played on the same basketball team back then. He has joined me a number of times on these hikes. I like to hike alone usually, but hiking with John has made the journey better.  He’s nice people up here and down off the Trail. Good friends are not easy to find for me. He is one, and his help in my quest to finish the entire Trail is really appreciated. 

Thanks John!

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