Finally Got Wet!

Muizenberg, South Africa. They call this spot “Surfers Corner.”

It’s my favorite place in the world, so far, to ride waves. Just look. Anyone could do this…

Especially on a day like today. No wind. Small nicely shaped waves coming in, in sets of 3 or 4, with just enough break in between, to paddle out unchallenged for the next ride!

To me, this is surfing heaven.

I stopped into see David, a friend of mine, who owns the Surf Shack.

It’s that red section on the left. He let’s me keep my board here, so I can just drive down, put on my wetsuit, and paddle out. He usually has showers as well, but with the terrible drough this year, no one gets to shower for recreational purposes. 

Just to the right of this photo, there is usually an outside shower to rinse off under, but they are also not running. 

I always eat a Boerswors Roll after I surf. I ALWAYS and ONLY get it here…

“Boerewors” means farmer’s sausage in Afrikaans. I get mine here because, first of all, I trust the couple who owns this stand.  They have been here for 12 years. 

They opened up when Muizenberg was a war zone. Burned out buildings and drug pushers and addicts everywhere. When it got dark, EVERYONE left. It was not safe.

20 years ago this July, I first surfed here. There was one surf shop on the beachfront. Lifestyle.

I bought my second South African board there. It was a Stubbs. My first board was purchased in the center of Cape Town, to take on our honeymoon to Jefferies Bay. A world famous surf spot. 

Anyway, today it feels like Southern California here. 6 surf shops and a bunch of good restaurants. 

I still buy all my food at the truck.

So, I got wet. I was exhausted in an hour or so. My arms are not in surfing shape. I’ll be fit about the time we leave. 

I’m not much of a surfer anymore. Not like the days at Aunt Kit’s house in Surf City, New Jersey, where I first rode a wave. (Remember that place Norma?) That was 1964. I’ve been surfing since then. It still gives me a rush. When I have my board under my arm, and my feet hit the water, the molecules in my body rearrange. Every time. 53 years later, same high.

It was a great day. I’m back to my old self again. 

Ready for the next wave… 😊

Muizenberg…. BTW, off in the distance in this photo, is The Cape of Good Hope. 

Cape Town sits on the Atlantic side of the bottom of Africa. Muizenberg is on the East or Indian Ocean side. It’s just a 30 minute drive here from CT. 

One thought on “Finally Got Wet!

  1. Of course I remember “Aunt Kit’s LBI house – lots of good memories! One of my most vivid ones is of you tossing your “skim board” (not sure what it was called) into the backwash along the shallow part of the water where he ocean meets the beach, running and gracefully stepping on the board and gliding along so smoothly. It looked sooooo easy when you did it so Edward decided he could do it to only his tries did not turn out as well as yours. He’d toss the board, run & jump on the board w/such force (weight) which would cause the board to dig into the sand and he’d run right over the board w/o any glide at all. He was a real study of poetic motion!

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