Before the Walls…

This is what a lovely Cape Dutch type cottage looked like when it was built. Before the walls.

Now. They look like this:

Sad, really. It’s what I was thinking as I hiked/ walked past some majestic homes on Belvidere Road, on my way up the mountain. Pretty much all I could see of these stunning houses, was gables.

The more you have, the more you have to protect, I guess. We don’t own a great deal, but we have burgled bars and armed response in our SA home. I think, if your house looks like it’s easy to break into, then you become a target. 

The houses are so beautiful here. Many with Victorian then Deco influence. I love them. The old ones, that is.

These are just a few of the average ones. Later, I will try and post some really beautiful ones. 

These old houses take lots of maintenance.  Those who love the character keep fixing. Those who don’t, tear down and reconstruct. 

And put up houses or apartment blocks like these…

If I were to buy now, I would buy new. A new building with secure parking. 

Unless the stubborn romantic in me found a little old house like this, tucked in amongst the monsters, just daring progress to come calling.

I love this little house. It was purched up there at the foot of Table Mountain, forever. Here’s another shot from down the hill.

And look what sprang up next to it!

A cute little Hobbit house!

Well, there’s my two cents on Cape Town construction in the City Bowl.

Once you get around the corner or over Kloof Neck, all hell breaks loose.  Huge houses on grades so steep, it’s hard to believe they won’t slide down into the sea. 

As usual, I’m somewhere else at the end of my post than I was when I started. I started writing yesterday, not feeling very optimistic about the future here. Today? Today, I’m ready to stay here forever.

Just as long as I can live in that little house. 


P.S.  I mentioned “Cape Dutch” architecture early in this entry.   This is what Cape Dutch really looks like!

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